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Leo Charter Services is dedicated to carrying out our best business operational performance by delivering customer-oriented high satisfaction transportation services. 

Our team members enjoy a happy working environment with a dynamic and innovative work culture that fosters Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

If you are also passionate about travel and transportation and share similar values with us, contact us today! 

Join our fleet team

We welcome drivers and fleet partners across Canada and the US to join us and grow business together.

Join our customer service team

We welcome anyone passionate and experienced in travel, transportation, and hospitality to join us. 

Other businesses and partnerships

Please send inquiries to to learn more.

  • Vehicle services

  • Driver's training program

  • Other job positions, etc.

(Economy / Executive)
Best for 1 - 5 passengers

Starting from $90 / hr*

Business Sedan/Suv/Mpv

(Economy / Executive)

Best for 1 - 3 passengers

Starting from $90 / hr*


*Quotes are built based on service time and travel distance.

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John Grosso, ON

I was amazed by their service!  They really supported me in resolving the transportation challenges.
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