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Planning an important school function or event for students, teachers, and staff means that safety and reliability must be ensured. This can be a stressful and difficult task for schools; however, Leo Charter Services is dedicated to making it easier. You can depend on our service to provide a fun and safe journey to any school function or event. We offer a variety of vehicles to fit your transportation needs. Are you transporting a small group of students and teachers? Then choose our short-size bus! If you are providing transportation for a larger group, then choose our medium-size or full-size bus! Or, do a combination as you wish!
Whatever your needs are regarding the number of attendees and luggage, we have the right vehicle for you. We offer affordable services to fit your budget so that money is instead put towards the enjoyment of your school function and event. Leo Charter Services can be trusted to get you to your destination on time to guarantee that students, teachers, and staff do not miss any of the excitement of their school events. Instead of stressing and putting most of your attention towards transportation, focus on your destination and put more into giving students an educational and memorable experience. Our drivers will provide the safest and most fun journey for students to enjoy and remember as one of their best school trips. By booking transportation for your school now, you will be guaranteed an amazing and affordable school trip with Leo Charter Services.
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