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Make Your Special Day by Letting Leo Charter Services Cater to You!

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Husband and wife who just got married stranding in front of their charter bus service holding hands
Wedding day transportation

Why choose Leo Charter Services for your wedding?

Wedding days are supposed to be special and not interrupted by any worries. There is a large amount of planning that goes into weddings, and those days spent planning can be hard.

Leo Charter Services can help your special day truly be special as it provides affordable, customizable and reliable transportation services!

Get rid of the stress of finding transportation for all wedding participants and attendees by choosing us.

We offer a diverse selection of transportation depending on your guest list size and personal preferences. Leo Charter Services understands that there are many other things to worry about when it comes to weddings, so let us take off the stress of transportation and ensure that your guests will have the most memorable, comfortable, and safe ride with us.

Take a look at the fleets available for your special day:

Ceremony to reception transportation: 32-passenger bus or 40+ bus for the guests

Airport pick up: 12-passenger van (Ford)

Rehearsal dinner: 24-passenger bus

Choose what works for you on your special day CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW !!

Contact Us Today!:

International: +1 888-666-8090

North America: +1 587-888-0608

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