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How Ground Charter Services Fulfills Your Gatherings’ Transportation Needs!

Have you ever attempted to plan private group functions for tours, leisure activities, attending sporting events, wedding parties, business outings, conferences, or field trips for a class by booking a van/bus/coach as your group’s exclusive transportation? For many people, this experience has been nothing short of a logistical headache. This is where a charter service like Leo Charter Services comes in as we make the task of moving a group of people much simpler by offering customizable, affordable and reliable ground charter services.

What are ground charter services?

It involves the movement or transport of passengers from one location to another. A ground charter service is usually booked for group/business transportation needs which include but are not limited to tours, weddings, corporate/private events, airport transportation, community & church events, school events, sporting events, out-of-town trips and more.

The fleet type varies depending on the number of passengers and the customer’s preference for the vehicle.

Still not convinced? Here are how Leo Charter Services differentiates from other operators while providing you with the market-leading charter service experience.


Leo Charter Services strive to provide the most competitive market price, and our rates are often 10% lower than our competitors. At Leo, a charter service could start from $200+.

Leo ensures a clear line of communication and a flexible pricing policy with clients prior to their booking to deliver a service with no hidden fees or surprise charges. Leo’s flexible pricing policy resolves the concern of paying extra for the services that are not used in the end.


Leo differentiates from other charter service operators as it focuses on delivering customizable charter services by following customers’ travel itineraries or transportation plans in their operation regions. Anytime, anywhere, Leo will take you there!


At Leo Charter Services, safety is always the priority.

Leo is strict in selecting drivers. They are the key to ensuring the safety of transportation. Leo’s drivers are led by an experienced fleet manager who has vast road experience from previous transportation pioneers before Leo existed. Leo is also reliable in a way it always delivers what it promised. Even in the special scenario of a road emergency, Leo ensures to have you covered by their backup team for an alternative solution to make sure your function gets no interruption.

Leo endeavours to constantly deliver safety, convenience, flexibility, and customer-centric services. Their flexible pricing policy and exceptional customer service ensure no hassle while you make your own travel and transportation plan.

Strengthen Relationships

The bus is simply more enjoyable. On the road, teams from work, sports, and school get to spend more time getting to know one another, sharing experiences, and having fun. Travel time is best used for team building.


A charter bus keeps everyone together the entire way instead of arranging a cumbersome carpool with numerous meeting locations, travel instructions, and gas receipts. Pick-up, drop-off at your designated address, and dispatched trained professional driver will follow your plan to deliver the charter services.

Social accountability

You're contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the number of vehicles your group puts on the road. Along with saving your passengers' sanity from having to endure annoying traffic jams, you're also helping to make roadways less crowded.

In conclusion, A charter service facilitates simple, practical, and economical group transport. Chartered vehicle service is the best option for many different sorts of travel, including field excursions, wedding parties, business travels, and more.

Why Leo Charter Services?

It's straightforward and easy to do!

It's simple to reserve a charter bus with Leo Charter Services' online booking tool.

With just a few clicks, and submit your booking information via Leo’s booking page. You will can get a quote as quickly as within 48 hours! You can call or chat with our customer care representatives if you require more assistance.

Contact Us Today!:

International: +1 888-666-8090

North America: +1 587-888-0608

When travelling with Leo, every customer is their VIP, and every booking with Leo is a unique, customized experience.

Spend less, and enjoy your exclusive private time with your own group. Book now! With Leo Charter Services!

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